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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A good read!!! And it is free!!!

Melissa at Stretch Marks has been a favorite blog of mine pretty much since I started blog surfing. I have been drawn to her for many reasons but two that stand out above any other for me. 1 - Her Faith in God and his plan for us. 2 - Her desire for children. I have have been there!!

Melissa wrote a book based upon her personal journey. She has turned it into an e-book and it is free to read and download.

Read it!! Share it!! Blog it!!

From Foxholes to Faith

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are you getting tired of pictures?

It's just that time of year when people are getting there new pictures taken. The princess's birthday is coming and we have to get ready for that new Christmas card photo. Today Matt's sister took our family photos. They turned out least I think so. I am still working on a few touch ups but I wanted to share a couple.

Today I also found out that C-Man's picture was in the newspaper.... yeah back in October. We were up at the fire station for their fire prevention open house and a lady from the Standard Examiner took his picture while he was sitting in Life Flight. I totally forgot about! Actually I kind of figured that since he had just eaten a purple sucker and had a purple face they wouldn't have used his picture -- but they did!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Would you love to win a Disney movie?

Then run on over to Just Add Laughter!!!!

Seriously --- I haven't even seen that movie!!! I would love to win!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Photos.....

I finished the touch up on my favorite photos of the princess. Tell me what you think!

Photo Shoot - Main Street USA

A few weeks ago there was a segment on Studio 5, a local daytime program, about photography in urban settings. They showed lots of great places in Salt Lake and Ogden. I really wanted to my little princess somewhere cool to take her pictures for her upcoming birthday. I decided to look a little closer to home.

Holy cow! I cannot believe how cool Kaysville's Main Street is! So if you are looking for somewhere to take photos of your family -- take a look at Main Street in your town!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Please don't forget to vote today!!

I stood in line last week for about an hour to vote early. I am so thankful for the privilege that we have to vote in this country. We get to cast our ballot for whomever we choose - not someone that we are forced to vote for at gunpoint.

No matter what problems our country is facing we are still free!!!

God Bless America!!

Now ---- GO VOTE!