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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, I think it is an addiction.....

This is a story of television DRAMA -- not a drama story on television.

It all started many many years ago -- I think I was like 12 or 13. Santa was generous that year (like he has been many years) and he brought me my very own TV for my bedroom. And oh did I watch? I love this may explain why up until a couple of weeks ago we had 4 televisions in our house.

Just after Christmas our living room decided to no longer have sound. So it was disposed of and I moved the TV from our bedroom to the living room until we could get a new TV. Then I moved the TV (the one I have had since I was a teenager) from the kitchen to our bedroom. I decided that for a couple of weeks I could go without the TV in the kitchen but I couldn't live without the one in the bedroom (I fall asleep watching TV when Matt isn't home).

Then the day arrived --- last week after an ordeal with RC Willey and then a trip to Best Buy the new TV, a beautiful 32" Plasma joined our family. Finally all the TV's could go back to their assigned spaces and life could be wonderful again.....

Yeah - that is until I put the bedroom TV on the couch while I hooked up the new living room TV - and Jagr (Yawger), the furry black four legged family member, jumped on the couch and threw the tv off balance and it hit the floor. I cringed and picked it up, it was rattling inside. I went about the business of hooking up the new TV while in the back of my mind hoping that the other TV would be fine. No such luck.

We are now a 3 Television household. I still have the kitchen TV in the bedroom, but I am not sure how long that will last -- I can't seem to clean my kitchen without watching my shows... Hey at least I TRY to be productive while I watch tv, right?

BUT this story does not end here. After only 4 days the beautiful plasma TV had to return to Best Buy. Do you know what a PIA it is to pack up a 32" TV? It has ben replaced by an LCD TV that is working properly and that I actually think I like more!

If you are wondering the 3rd TV is in the playroom.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Night

The leaders of the LDS Church have for MANY years asked families to set aside one night a week as Family Home Evening -- of Family Night. For most this is on Monday night. With Matt's work schedule and such we don't always have this on Monday's - nor do we usually have a lesson and such like I think we are really supposed to. I have always had a hard time trying to come up with a lesson that is geared towards my little ones. I usually at least try to read them a story from The Friend magazine.

I came across this website both through PYP and from an email from a friend. They have get lessons based upon the Primary Theme for 2009.

No matter what religion you are or what you believe - I sincerely feel that it is important to set aside time each week as family time.

Friday, January 16, 2009


If you are in the Northern Utah area and want to see a couple of great games AND help a GREAT CAUSE........ look at the little banner above my posts.

The Guns & Hoses Game is NEXT WEEK!!! It will be lots of fun.

The charity game is always great and HELLO we have AWESOME raffle PRIZES!!!!

Come on.... it's only $10 and you get to go to TWO games - the Cops Vs. Firefighter game AND the Utah Grizzlies!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a Quick Review

Here is a review of some things that we did this week and a craft project ala spray paint.

Micayla was very happy to start back to school this week after having 2 weeks off for Christmas. Everyday over the break she asked why she couldn't go to school. She is doing really well and turning into a good little reader.

Tuesday was the first day of our neighborhood produce co-op. We have a sweet lady in our neighborhood that got this started and I am VERY excited about it. We got lots of stuff for just $20. We got about 16 bananas (not exactly sure how many since the little man is half monkey and ate a few before I counted), 5 Red Onions, 6 Green Peppers, 1 Package of Mushrooms, 2 bunches of celery, 6 oranges, broccoli, a bag FULL of red grapes, a head of cauliflower, and about a dozen Gala Apples. Thank you Diana --- I can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday I made a yummy dinner with some of the veggies. Matt said it was too healthy. But it was really good. I just cubed a round steak and sauteed in a little beef broth & seasoned it with some ginger & garlic. When it was cooked to my liking I added the rest of my quart of beef broth & thickened it with a little corn starch. Then I added Green Peppers, Onion & 'Shrooms. We ate with rice.

Thursday -- don't even get me started on the HUGE hassle that I had with RC Willey. I don't think we will EVER shop there again...

Friday -- We got a new TV --- why did I even bother with RC Willey --- THANK YOU BEST BUY.

We had a little bit of a mystery in our driveway on Friday night. We found evidence of a murder.See the outline of Mr. Snow Shovel ---- Don't worry he has been found safe.

Now for the crafty spray paint project.... I helped Santa with this train table. I bought this used coffee table for $15 -- I spray painted it white and then just used acrylic craft paint for the grass & water. I sealed it with a poly-crylic spray. The great thing is that the table is so sturdy & a nice style that if it survives the terrible 3's and the mass chaos of the playroom -- someday it could be a nice piece of living room furniture -- of course I will resurrect it to it's previous beauty.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Newest Obsession.....

This post has been inspired by Mama's Losin' It

My Newest Obsession.......

Aside from my ongoing obsession............ my husband......... Whom I love more than anything and I very much appreciate all that he does for the kids and I....

Santa delivered a great little gadget for Christmas that has become my new obsession. Wow I never thought that I would be inspired to exercise but this little gem has come through!Thanks to my Wii Fit I have lost 5 pounds in about a week.... I feel better... and I have tons more energy. It's amazing to me that something that seems so much like a game is really a great way to get a workout.

I am improving my posture and balance..... and waking up every morning with a new pain... Pain is good though --- right??? It means it's working....

I have been exercising 30-45 minutes per day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We have a WINNER!!!

I wasn't going to announce the winner until tomorrow -- but I couldn't wait!!

With the help of -----

The winner is ------- GREEDY GRACE.......

Here's the list:

There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Greedy Grace
  2. Harmonie
  3. Aimee
  4. Aimee
  5. Z's Mom
  6. Our Family
  7. Greedy Grace
  8. Gators Mom
  9. Lewis Family
  10. SarahBug
  11. Greedy Grace
  12. Jani
  13. Marrdy
  14. Mama Dawg
  15. Mariah
  16. M
  17. Glenda
  18. Jani
  19. Mrs B Roth
  20. Nicole
  21. Z'S Mom
  22. Mrs D Miranda
  23. Greedy Grace

Timestamp: 2009-01-05 19:21:06 UTC

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tomorrow is the deadline!!!

If you haven't entered yet -- you have about 24 hours to do so!!! Go down 2 posts and enter the giveaway for personalized FRUIT ROLL-UPS!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nickelback - Far Away

Do you like Nickelback? Have you heard the song Far Away?

Watch this video --- you might cry. I do every time I watch it. But of course my husband is a firefighter.

The beginning of the video I can totally relate too - Matt has had to leave during dinner, parties, love.... more time than I care to count.

Thankfully he has made it home safely every time.... There have been several times that I am totally freaked out and one time that we spent the next day in the ER at the University or Utah Hospital.