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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

I just want to thank my sweetie for 14 great years!! We have been through a lot and I can't imagine not having you in my life!!!


Susie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Chantel said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours was yesterday.

Kathy said...

oh...Happy Anniversary!

Karlie said...

Hey there- I stumbled across your blog and noticed you have adopted two children. There are so many children who need loving families out there and I'm glad your kids have you! I just wanted to share a fabulous event that you could maybe share with your readers that increases awareness of foster care and adoption. It's the 7th annual Utah Foster Care Foundation's Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway in SLC on June 19-20. This is an amazing event that is COMPLETELY free, features more than 100 artists and even has a Kids Korner where children can make their own chalk art. For more information visit Thanks Kaysville Momma!