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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yummy Giveaway... who wants cookies?

I love cookies!!! While I absolutely love homemade cookies, sometimes I need to get my cookie fix quick! Pillsbury has some new refrigerator cookie dough that is pretty good!

Pillsbury...simply Cookies

Do you want a prize pack from Pillsbury? It includes a cute little cookie jar, a very nice canvas tote bag, and a coupon for free cookies?

You can get an entry for EACH of the following: Leave me a comment telling me your favorite cookie, Blog about my giveaway, and post a link here from your Facebook page.

The winner will be announced on August 1st!


TheMorrillBunch said...

Grandma's Frosted Sugar Cookies. I think that's what they are called, the ones that come in the package with big globs of frosting usually color coordinated with the current holiday. YUM.

Nicole said...

Looks yummy, I'd love to win. I'd post a link from my facebook page, but I have no idea how to.

Jenny said...

Yummy!!!! My favorite is Mrs.Fields cinamon sugar cookies. They are soooo yummy. Google the recipie and you'll love them too!

Jenny said...

Ok blogged it!!

Shauna said...

Oatmeal raisin our my fav! YUM!

The Bacas' said...

I tottaly love the pre made cookies. My favorite is actually just plain chocolate chip. They are always so yummy!!!

Marrdy said...

And since I have been gone I missed out on this giveaway too!!! What fun.