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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Had a blast at the Bret Michaels concert

Last night I had the opprotunity to go with my sister to the Bret Michaels concert in Wendover, NV. It was so much fun. Bret put on a great show. I have loved his music for a long time! Poison is one of my all time favorite bands and of Bret is the lead singer.

We left at about 3pm to head out on the concert bus. The bus ride out was fun, we played bingo and talked to a few of the other riders. There was a crazy guy on the bus that I am guessing must be a ticket scalper, because he knew all about every concert!! He was probably about 65 and was talking all about Lady Gaga. Then there was the old lady sitting behind us. She kept asking us questions about the bus and then invited us to go party with them.... interesting.... but no thanks..... We talked to some girls from Salt Lake one of which had a COOL holster style purse thing -- not for a gun, but just to carry things.... gotta find me one!

The bus ride cost $15 but then we coupons for free buffet and a some free cocktails coupons (which we gave away) and a coupon to exchange for $5 cash! Did I mention that the buffet was normally $25 and we ate about 3 plates of crab legs each, plus shrimp, salmon and halibut.... yummy yummy!! I think we ate so much fish we almost turned into one!

The concert was fun! Bret sang a great mix of old Poison songs and newer songs too! The drummer was amazing! Bret said that each night his shows are broadcast on the internet for our Troops!! That's pretty dang cool!

After the concert we had almost 2 hours before the return bus ride so being in Wendover, we played a little video blackjack. Lots of fun!

The bus ride home was interesting. We saw a beautiful lightening show over the desert. There were several drunk people on the bus. There was a guy sitting behind us that was funny as heck. He wanted us to sing to him, but instead we got him to sing. He finally shut up after my sister removed his hand from a part of her body -- YIKES! She didn't tell me until after he got off the bus - I totally would have turned around and decked him!

I got home at about 2:45 this morning!

It was fun! I look forward to heading out there for more concerts in the future!

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