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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News Too Good To Be True CAN Be True

Do you wear prescription eyeglasses? I was lucky enough to have Lasix Eye Surgery several years ago, just at the time that all the cute trendy eyeglass styles and colors were coming into style.

I can imagine that if I was still wearing glasses I would want lots of colors and styles. I am sure it would drive my husband crazy! Just like my shoes!

Did you know that you can buy affordable eyeglasses online? You sure can!

ZenniOptical has hundreds of prescription glasses listed priced between $6.95 and $46. This is not the frame price – this is the price for frames, lenses, everything. There is a small charge for bifocals, anti-glare and tinted lenses but the price is still insanely cheap.

Anyway, give them a try.

I personally have not purchased from this company but I know several people that have! I have heard that they aren't always the most durable glasses (at least the super cheap ones) that might not stand up to tons of abuse, so you might want to consider buying a couple pair so you can match EVERY outfit have a backup or two. They look pretty stylish too!

I would definitely recommend this site. It is perfect for people who are broke without insurance but need a new pair of glasses or for people who want a different pair for each mood and outfit (I know you are out there).

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