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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun Easter Decorations!

I don't have a lot of Easter decor in my house! I really need to change that. I actually don't have many decorations for holiday's other than for Christmas & Halloween.

On my favorite website Pinching Your Pennies I found a couple of Easter decorations that look like things that would be fun with my kiddos!

Yarn Easter Eggs -- You basically wrap yarn that you have dipped in glue around balloons. When the yarn dries you pop the balloon.

These Twine Wrapped Eggs are cute too! I think I like these the best.

Do you have any fun Easter traditions that you remember from your childhood? I remember my mom helping me make little bunnies with Hostess Snowballs. You use those as the bunny's head and make ears out of construction paper and then you can decorate the faces with candy. Black liquorice works great for whiskers.

Now -- Spring Break is underway! I must get going on these!!!

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