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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holy Cool Doorknobs Batman!!!

I started painting doorknobs today...... I have 2 done --- it's a start!! What I need to do is rotate them through so I don't have to keep a doorknob off to long.... Gotta keep that cute little man out of places he doesn't belong!

Before - it's brass lovely?? -- oops I forgot to rotate!!

During - I used that small broken laundry basket as a way to hold them securely for painting and drying.

After -- AWESOME!!!


Susie said...

It looks great!! Nice job:-)

Queen Karana said...

You are officially the "spray paint queen". :)

What fun projects you have going on!

Aubrey said...

Ooh, those turned out better than I imagined. I have to admit I was a little leary when you showed me the spray paint, but it looks awesome.

angie said...

They look great. Does that burnished bronze color come in a spray?

Deb said...

Ow, wow! Love, love, love the new look!

Coco said...

What type of spray paint did you use???
I love them. I want to do that to my door knobs.


desertdiva said...

Sherri, I love spray paint did an excellent job on these door go girl/1