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Monday, November 23, 2009

Today I am thankful for....

Books. I love to read. I really enjoy the Anita Stansfield books. I love a good romance -- nothing smutty. After watching a couple of movies, "Becoming Jane" and "The Jane Austin Book Club" I plan on reading the Jane Austin books.

Which one should I start with?


Anonymous said...

I realize this one is not written by Jane Austen, but Austenland was so cute!

Aubrey said...

My personal favorite Jane Austen book is Persuasion, but Pride and prejudice is obviously a good one too. Some of her earlier books, she's more wordy (Sense and Sensibility, and Emma) and I think they're harder to follow, but the "P" books are little easier. I love her books--I think you'll like them.