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Monday, January 4, 2010

Susan Powell is missing! Let's find her!


s said...

I found your website by googling most recent posts for Susan Powell and your site came up. I don't live in Utah, but I can help by keeping her name active, by begging people to look. She could be anywhere. So, bundle up the kids, take the dog and all of you get a good walk. And when you are walking, look. Look for disturbed ground, birds overhead circling, look in culverts, old abandoned sheds, ravines. The sooner she is found, the sooner the killer will be brought to justice. We don't want this person free to hurt another! If you don't live in Utah, get on the internet and find someone who can look for you. It is a vast area, the police need help. Thank you Sherri for helping to keep her name out there!

s said...

Tell your friends, tell your family. Don't give up. Keep looking!