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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our funny Princess....

So yesterday I took the Princess to the doctor for a well-check and a follow-up for her migraines. She was sitting on the table just after getting her blood-pressure taken and she said, "These socks are not working for me." I asked her why and she said "They are making my feet worse." I started laughing and the medical assistant looked at me like maybe there was something wrong with her feet that she needed to know about. I asked her what exactly the problem was and she said, "My feet are stuck in my socks." SO FUNNY!!! The medical assistant busted out laughing and she said she had to go write that one down.

The doctor was talking to us about what to do for the headaches and he told us that she needs to take Mortin and Tylenol and drink about 4 oz of Coke. She never wants to drink soda because "The bubbles are too spicy" FUNNY! Anyway he suggested then that she drink iced tea--- now both of our kids have been "prescribed" caffeine - the Princess iced tea and the little man coffee for his ADHD.


Jessica said...

I need a perscription for my caffeine addiction... then I would feel so bad about myself.

Aubrey said...

I love it--that's so funny.