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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Busy January.....

We had a good January. It was crazy busy.

It was good for the princess to get back to school after the long holiday, which was extended due to her bout with strep throat. She loves school. We finally were able to get her IEP taken care of so she can officially get the extra help she needs at school.

The month ended with a great Guns & Hoses Charity Hockey Game. Not only was it good because the Hoses won, but because of the money that was raised for Shriner's Hospital and the family of Josie Fox, a sheriff's deputy who was shot and killed while working.

We also celebrated what would have been my grandpa's 96th birthday by going out to dinner with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew. I sure miss him!

The fireman was able to get on a different crew at work. It is amazing what a difference there is in him. It's nice to be working with people that have similar values!! We are definitely looking forward to a better year!!

I started a 365 photography project and I am taking an advanced photography class. I have already learned so much.

I have an officially unofficial photography assignment working with the Kaysville Fire Department. On Wednesday I went to a training fire they had and took lots of photos! It was a BLAST!!!

Looking forward to a great month!


Jenny said...

Wow!! Totally amazing pictures!!!
You are so good!!!!

Erika said...

That's pretty neat!