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Friday, April 16, 2010

A new adventure.....

I know I know..... We seem to have lots of adventures....

Almost a year ago I became aware of essential oils. There are some people at the gym that I go to that frequently add oils to the rocks in the sauna or pass them around in the steam room. I was so impressed with how eucalyptus clears your sinuses. I also have done a lot of reading about using oils as natural cleaners and disinfectants.

I have decided to run another home business (alongside my photography). I am so excited to be a consultant for doTERRA. It is a Utah based essential oils company.
I am so excited to share what I am learning with other people. I love that it is a no pressure business.

We have seen some amazing things happen while using these fabulous oils in our home. I have some great homemade cleaning agents that I can let my kids use and not worry about what they are inhaling. I have helped my daughter QUICKLY overcome a tummy ache, found amazing allergy relief, healed a rash my son had had for a couple of weeks - almost overnight, found headache relief, and calmed down our puppy.

If you are interested in hearing more, purchasing products, becoming a preferred customer (and receiving huge discounts) or starting your own business please let me know!!

You can also visit My doTERRA store or My doTETTA blog!!

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