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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Using Essential Oils and now I am thinking about an air purifier...

Springtime is here-the grass is growing, trees are getting greener, and flowers are blossoming, which also means that allergy season is in full bloom! I have suffered from allergy symptoms for years and am always looking for a new allergy medication or product to make it all a bit better. I have finally found some AMAZING solutions!I am having great sucess with my doTERRA oils and the other thing that I am very interested in are air purifiers. Air purifiers reduce airborne allergens (the stuff that makes me sneeze and itch!) by 99% I found some great ones on and as an added bonus I also found a free shipping offer: Receive free shipping on any Kaz order by using the code APR10SHIPZERO at checkout during the month of April. Enjoy the springtime!

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