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Monday, November 29, 2010

November is Adoption Month!

How very fitting that November is National Adoption Month and in our family we end this month of Thanksgiving with the birthday of our beautiful daughter. She was born and joined our family through the wonderful blessing of adoption 8 years ago!

I am so grateful for adoption and for the blessings that I have in my two amazing kids!

A few weeks ago I was sent a book via The book is called "Adopted Ed" and it was written by Darren Maddern.

It is a great book! It would be a great read for any family who has been touched by adoption. The book discusses birth, childhood, dealing with bullies who are calling the child names because he is adopted, and then the eventual desire to meet his birth family.

There was one line that I really laughed at! Ed was dealing with the bullies and he said, "My parents chose me, yours were stuck with you." I thought that was funny.

Anyway.... I liked the book, it is something that I plan on reading and discussing with my kids. I think they will like the fact that it rhymes like a Dr. Seuss book and the illustrations are colorful and eye catching.

Here is a link to buy the book!!

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Chantel said...

We're hoping we get the chance to adopt someday!!