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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Sunday........ Sad Monday

This past Sunday started out just the same as any other in our home. We woke up and got ready for church. Went to church, where surprisingly the little man was pretty good. After church I went to visit my grandma and also I had to go clean my mom's office (not something I like to do on Sunday, but it was the only time I could get to it). I came home and was only home for about 5 minutes and everything got crazy from there....

The kids were in the backyard playing. The dogs were back there too. We had two dogs. Jagr (pronounced YawGer) was the first "baby" in our home. We got him right at the same time that we bought our house. He was born in November 2001. Pyper joined our family about a month ago as an 8 week old puppy.

You may wonder why we got a puppy. You see Jagr has not always been tolerant of kids. And with the little man's ADHD Jagr was not understanding. So we decided to get a puppy that would grow with the little man and be a good companion for him. Pyper and little man play so cute together..... and Pyper wanted to play with Jagr... Jagr was not into that!

So what we think happened is that the dogs were "arguing" in the backyard and little man got in the middle of it. Jagr bit little man's head, right near his ear.

Little man had to go to the hospital. They didn't stitch him because of the fear of infection. They flushed his wound and put him on antibiotics and bandaging.

This unfortunately was not the first time that Jagr had bitten or shown aggression.

On Monday we had to say goodbye to our friend Jagr. It was a VERY sad day in our house. Jagr will be missed..... Rest In Peace, my buddy!


Aubrey said...

That's sad. I'm sorry for you guys.

Chantel said...

I'm so sorry.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

So sorry for your doggy loss :( My dad had a crocker that bit the crap out of my cousin when he was little. The dog was older and my cousin was a brat though so it might not have all been the dogs fault.