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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

These people crack me up!

My kids say and do the funniest things! They are always cracking me up.

The princess learns new phrases at school and makes me laugh when she uses them. She gives me little lectures that I can imagine she heard a version of at school.

She just wrote her first "book" at school it's so dang cute! She talks about how much she loves her dog.

2 weeks ago I took her to the University of Utah Gymnastics meet. I took her last year and she liked and has talked about it a lot since then, so we tried it again. Our seats were not great, but she was ON THE EDGE of hers! She kept saying, "that little kid is so cool." I asked her what little kids she was talking about and then figures out that she was talking about the gymnasts. I told her that they were not little kids, they were adults, she was so confused because they "look so small" from high upon the lofty arena..

Then this last weekend we took both kids to Disney on Ice. We didn't tell them where we were going until we left the restaurant that we went to on the way, but little miss princess said during dinner, "this place is so good, can we eat here when we go to Disney on Ice?" Matt and I just looked at each other possibly wondering if the other had dropped to many hints.

Then there's little man! We got a new puppy about 3 weeks ago and the little man LOVES her!! Almost too much! He tries to carry her around, the problem is she is getting big! He is a great puppy owner though. He cleans up her messes and takes her water bowl into the bathroom to fill for her, and then slaushes it through the house while getting it back to the kitchen.

Little man has taken his own sweet time with potty training, but we have pretty much made it. I say pretty much because night time is still an issue for him. You know when you have succeeded in potty training when the curious fellow comes into the bathroom when you forget to lock the door and says, "Mom you pooped. Good job! Give me Five!" I almost fell off the toilet I was laughing so hard.

Have I mentioned before how much I love these kids? I count myself lucky to be their mom!

Last night, I was tucking the princess into bed and I told her that I was tired. She said, "Mom you should stop working so hard and go to bed when the kids do...." What a sweetie!

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