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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet & Spicy!!!

I recently receive a preview sample of some yummy new jerky from They’re introducing: Orange Jerky and Mango Jerky, beginning today!

A while back they sent me some pineapple jerky which was a big slice of dried pineapple (that was quite good) so since I knew this time they were sending me Orange and Mango jerkys I was kind of expecting it to be fruit.

What I received were two traditional beef jerkys, but with a fruit marinade. Sweet and spicy — like it says on the package — goes together just fine. But on beef? This I was going to have to try for myself.

I really like it. It’s got a slight fruitiness to it, without covering up the flavor of the beef. And there’s some heat as you keep chewing, but not too much.

In my house we are split on spice. The fireman and the princess are not so much into spicy flavors but the little man and myself enjoy our spice!

While searching their site I also found turkey jerky..... that sounds yummy too!!

They should be available to order now!

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