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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Talk About Tuesday!

I have major BLOG ENVY!!! I blog jump ALOT. I am amazed at some of you out there with your awesome blogs.... My goal is to try AT LEAST one new thing on my blog every week. I have figured out how to add pictures obviously and a few other little things...but I know I can do more.

I have now watched almost everything that I had saved in my DVR. I hope the writer's strike ends soon. I have started watching Cashmere Mafia - it's pretty good, and I know there's another new show starting thing week that I want to check out... Lipstick Jungle. It is supposed to be the new 'Sex In The City' which is still something that I love to watch the reruns of.


Anonymous said...

I have heard about Lipstick Jungle. Survivor starts on Thursday. I am a huge Survivor fan!

Veggiemomof2 said...

I hear ya! I'm very sick of the writers strike too! They are going to lose viewers if they don't end this soon!

Jennifer Lavender said...

I'm totally addicted to Lost and am really glad it is back on the air.

Have fun playing with your blog. I'm looking forward to reading and seeing more.

The Lazy Organizer said...

You're not too far from me if you're in Kaysville! Your blog is adorable. Have fun with it!

Queen Karana said...

Love your new blog design! It looks great!

It's fun to learn new blog stuff isn't it?

Christine Rockwell said...

LOL I LOVE watching Sex and the City on DVD, esp NOW since there is barely anything good on! I love the look of your blog, it's awesome!