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Friday, December 26, 2008

All I Need To Know I Learned From A Snowman

This was given to us by a sweet neighbor and I just wanted to share.

All I Need To Know I Learned From A Snowman

It's okay if you're a little bottom heavy.
Hold your ground, even when the heat is on.
Wearing white is always appropriate.
Winter is the best of the four seasons.
It takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection.
There's nothing better than a foul weather friend.
The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul.
We're made up of mostly water.
You know you've made it when they write a song about you.
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!
Avoid yellow snow.
Don't get too much sun.
It's embarrassing when you look down and can't see your feet.
It's fun to hang out in your front yard.
Always put your best foot forward.
There's no stopping once you are on a roll.

Enjoy the SNOW!!!


Susie said...

Toooooo cute!!

Marrdy said...

Very cute!! We got 12" of snow here yesterday. Thank goodness for neighbors with snowblowers!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute!!!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Nicole said...

Now there's something to live by, too cute!