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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wanted: A Lost and Found Department

There is one thing I am adding to my Christmas list for next year:

My own personal lost and found department.

With the help of the Little Man today we have lost a small key ring camera that Matt got from Santa and one of the the extension feet off of the Wii Fit. I have searched and searched!!

The department could have also come in handy when we were searching for Matt's pager, razor, wallet, cell phone...... the remote that we replaced and then Matt found in his boot at work over a month later!!!

They could have also helped out at Church today when the Little Man decided to run away.... maybe they could have caught him before he made from the VERY BACK of the Chapel to the BACK ROW OF THE STAND...... I seriously thought about calling out to Aubrey to grab him!!! And then after that the department could have helped in LOSE my red embarrassed face.

Yep that's what I want..... my very own LOST & FOUND.


Annemarie said...

Um.... How in the world did the remote end up in Matt's shoe at work??
Can I get a lost and found also? I think I'd find my brain in there most often.

Susie said...

Me too!! I can't find my keys!!