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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Potpouri

Last week we finally put up our Christmas Tree. It was decorated nicely for the first 3 minutes and then the little man of the house decided to make a few adjustments. You might notice that there are very few ornaments on the bottom part of the tree. The ornaments from the lower half have either been moved out of reach (YEAH RIGHT) by Mic or hidden behind the couch - yes there are some snowmen back there!!

Or they have morphed into bits and pieces of landfill decor. We were able to rescue this guy -- you might know him as Rudolf the One Antlered Reindeer.I wanted to show you a prize part of our Christmas Decor. These stockings were made by my Grandma. She made on for all of her grandkids, their spouses, and most of her great-grandkids - her eyes and hands no longer work and so she cannot make any more. She actually made 2 for me. I have my original from my childhood that was getting worn and thin, so she made me a new one a few years ago. These stockings will always be treasured!!

Do you get excited for deliveries in December? If you are like me and have done most of your shopping online then you know what I mean. The rumble of the UPS or FedEx truck outside of your house can be exciting. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I looked out and the rumble came from this truck.Luckily they were not delivering anything to us!!! I much prefer my indoor water closets!!!!

Come back tomorrow for a look at what we are having for dinner tonight......... I just about deleted that sentence!! Don't worry you won't be looking at a toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

I just have to say that your post totally took me back to when my oldest (now nine) was two and destroyed my whole tree by whacking the ornaments with any sword-like object he could find. Seriously. Every time I left the room, I'd hear a crash, then his little voice saying "uh-oh, beeko!"

Aubrey said...

whatever, i know what you have potted in the backyard now. ;)

i like the half-nekkid tree. i just figured out how you can get the christmas tree to fit in an urn, or bucket, or whatever and wish i would have discovered it BEFORE utah turned into alaska.