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Friday, December 14, 2007

Are you worried about lead poisoning?

I have to admit that I am not totally concerned about lead. I don't think any of my kids toys were affected. I did get a cute little wooden igloo full of little wooden penguins for Micayla's birthday - but the paint was rough and it was "Made in China" so I threw that away. My dinnerware is Corelle and they have said there are not problems there. I have heard that some crockpot stones contain high levels of lead - that I might check into since food cooks in there for several hours. I am sure that my house is has lead paint. I am more concerned about the kids getting other germs from licking the walls....... NO! They don't really lick the walls (I don't think).

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Queen Karana said...

Well, yes, I am. I had two sets of everyday dinnerware (stoneware, made by Gibson) same pattern, but obviously painted at different times because the colors varied, yet still coordinated. One set tested positive, the other didn't. Got my kids tested - one tested positive, the other didn't. It's a concern - bottom line is that the lead shouldn't be in my kids bodies, and now it is. *sigh* Anyway, we bought all new dishes from Corelle in white - and only white. And I now feel pretty darn safe.