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Friday, December 14, 2007

Diapered kids in swimming pools.

In the summer you know we have that back sickness going around that they were saying came from kids in swimming pools. Now there is talk that they might outlaw allowing kids wearing swimming diapers to be in the pools. My kids love to swim! And since Caleb has absolutely no interest in potty training..... I guess he'll go swimming without a diaper! I know that sounds gross - but do you think swimming diapers work anyway? Sure they hold poop but there is no way that they hold pee while you are swimming.

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Queen Karana said...

Totally with you on the "holding in pee" part - there is NO WAY swim diapers do that. They do a great job holding in poop - but only if it's solid - not the runny stuff.

However, I guess I say keep the kids in diapers OUT -- mostly because there are too many parents that just don't care whether or not their kids are peeing or pooping in the pool -- and I'd like it to be as germ free as possible for the rest of us. My kids took swimming lessons this summer, and every single session one of their classes was cancelled because some kid had pooped in the pool. But it wasn't always a BABY that pooped -- sometimes the older ones who should have KNOWN BETTER.

There isn't a great solution, I'm afraid. Personally, I know the benefits of getting a baby/young child used to the swimming pool early on... but that outbreak was really bad... it's difficult to weigh the pros and cons.