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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What was your best and worst Christmas gift?

I would have to say my best gift was MICAYLA since she was born just before Christmas.

My worset gift?? A canned looked gross!

I know my mom's worest gift was HUBCAPS - yes Hubcaps from my dad. He's never been able to live that one down.


Aubrey said...

Way cute blog! I love it! So, I have to admit that Dan would never be brave enough to even think about giving me something like hubcaps. The poor man never knows what I want so he asks for a very detailed and specific wish list.

Sherri said...

My dad warned his 3 Sons-In-Law about never giving a gift like hubcaps. I told Matt that I wanted some new kitchen pans for Christmas and he told me "No". he said that things we need for the house should not be my Christmas gift. My mom admits now that she did need new hubcaps for her car - but they should not have been her gift. Every since then my dad makes sure that my mom get personal gifts. Matt and I just decided this year to get what we want for ourselves.