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Friday, May 2, 2008

New and YUMMY!!!

There is a new product that I have decided that could be on my I can't live without list.... that is if I had a can't live without list.
Bagel-Fuls - they are a new Kraft product that taste just like a cream cheese stuffed bagel. You put them in the toaster and they come out warm and chewy. There was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for $1.00 off - I have been buying them at wally world where they are $1.82. Last week I bought 4 boxes - oh yeah there's 4 to a box, between the kids and I we ate all 4 boxes in 4 days. Yesterday I bought 6 more. I have a total of 40 more coupons coming for these. Hey did I tell you how much I love them


Queen Karana said...

Maybe I should try and get some of these for my DH. I wonder if he would like them?

I am weird. I don't care for cream cheese on my bagels.

I wonder if I have my $1.00 coupons??? Hope so, 'cause that is a very reasonable price for trying something new. ALMOST as good as FREE! LOL

Aubrey said...

40 coupons!! Did you trade for them? Dan is loving them too because he can fit them in the toaster at work but here we have to microwave them and I feel certain they're not as good.

Sherri said...

I broke the carnal law of couponing and bought 40 coupons from ebay....