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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wife Swap...

OK I know it's probably not the best show in the world to watch - but have you ever watched Wife Swap? No it's not some weird sexual thing.... They have two wives/moms swap houses and families for 2 weeks. The first week they have to live by the "new" family's rules and then the 2nd week they get to give the family new rules. Some are totally extreme! Anyway - it kind of gets me thinking sometime. What would an outsider think of the way I run my house and family? My house is not dirty - but it is cluttered, which who totally bug some people. My kids watch TV - but I also play with them and teach they. Then there's the whole job thing -- would an outsider be able to deal with my husband's work schedule? Would they hate the fact that I stay home? What would they think about the foods that we eat? ------ Then here's the biggy ---- What if my husband liked the other lady's rules and style more than mine? So I've just decided WHO CARES!! I live my life the way that I want - we are happy.
There has been a HUGE debate on Pinching Your Pennies about Mother's Day - some people feel like they had a great day and others thought their day sucked. Someone posted that she thinks that the husbands of those that did not have great day are "pigs". What gives someone the right to judge another's - husbandly skills and duties, especially when it's someone that you really don't know? Anyway - I don't even think this post makes sense but OH WELL -- Wife Swap is an interesting show.

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