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Thursday, January 10, 2008

AAHHH Tonight's the last Grey's!!!

I hope the writer's strike ends soon. Desperate Housewives showed it's last episode on Sunday and the Grey's Anatomy last episode airs tonight. I love my shows and I hope they will be on again soon!! So much for February Sweeps.

I really like The Apprentic. This season is the Celebrity version. There are some very talented celbs on there! The Donald split the teams up into men against women - there are only a few of the women that I even know - they aren't current big name women. The men on the other hand - Gene Simmons from KISS - he is a brilliant business man. Also Trace Adkins & Steven Baldwin!! I think the guys are going to kick butt.


Queen Karana said...

I'm behind on Grey's... our DVR stopped recording it for some goofy reason... so now I'll have to watch it online or something. Love that show.

I missed the beginning of the new apprentice. I'm hoping to catch up with that one over the weekend.

I would like the writer's strike to be over, however, maybe the lull will allow me to catch up on all the shows I've missed!

Sherri said...

Grey's was good.... ER was good. I clipped my coupons while I watched. I recorded The Apprentice - so I will watch that tomorrow. Thank goodness for "Lifetime" I guess that's how I'll have to be entertained for a while - oh and TLC!