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Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Assignment

I am taking a photography class and my assignment this week is to take photos that follow the rules of composition. The Rule of 3's, Simplify, Leading Lines, Main Subject. I have to bring 3 of my photos to class. Here are a couple that I really like! Since it is Digital photography - we are allowed to manipulate our photos using some sort of photo editing software. I found a cool free - program called Picasa.


Queen Karana said...

Hey! You changed your pictures. Where's the fire hydrant? Where's the old wagon wheel?

I like these too though.

Sherri said...

Thanks - I'll put them back up soon.

Queen Karana said...

OH wow! I just saw the link you gave me at the bottom of your blog! Thanks so much for listing me... I need to update my list too. But wow! You just made my day... (How long has it been there anyway? Am I completely clueless? LOL!)

Sherri said...

It's been there since I redid my blog!