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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Organizing in the new year.

Well, here it is the 9th day of 2008 and I have already fallen behind in my effort to stay on top of house work. I made a spreadsheet with daily tasks and what's for dinner. Oh well - with a sick 2 year old I guess I have an excuse.

Tomorrow's tasks - dust, work on the hall closet, clean off the kitchen table, and Thursday is my business day - gotta pay bills...

Oh yeah! I got in on a new Bzz Agent campaign. It's for the new Hillshire Farms Deli Wraps. That makes me happy :) I love trying the new things that I get from Bzz Agent. Two of the things that I am in campaigns for right now that I am really loving is LypSyl it an all natural beeswax lip balm and of course my $180 Sonicare toothbrush!! If you want to sign up for Bzz Agent send me an mail and I will send you the referral link.

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