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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tax Rebates

So I have been thinking about these tax rebates that we are "supposed to get" in the spring. What can you do to truly help yourself with this rebate.

Here are some ideas-
1- Save for an emergency
2- Pay down your bills
3- Pay down credit card debt
4- Invest
5- Educate yourself - invest in yourself. Take a community ed class.
6- Pay down your mortgage or invest the money in your home by making an improvement.
7- Give your car some much needed maintenance
8- Buy something worthwhile - if you buy an appliance - go for Energy Star - something good for the environment.
9- Donate. There are many worthwhile causes that you can help support. This one sounds interesting to me -
10- Recharge your batteries - take a 3 day trip somewhere and get some well deserved rest.

1 comment:

Queen Karana said...

Ours will go to help us survive a job lay-off! Ack!