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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Little Man is sick!

Caleb has now had a cold off and on for about 8 weeks. I took him to the doctor again last night and they said he has a sinus infection and most likely strep. Hopefully the antibotics will help and we can get back to normal.... WHAT IS NORMAL? IS THERE SUCH A THING? I think our normal is abnormal in disguise.

I guess one thing that I have learned by taking him to the doctor last night is... how to get in quickly... Fall in the parking lot while carrying your sick 2 year old. I slid on the ice and fell flat on my....son. I fell forward and caught myself with my hand and knee, but then Caleb's head bonked hard. When I got in Caleb was crying and I told them what happened. They got him in QUICK! Turns out his head is ok - except for the boogers!


Queen Karana said...

Funny, yet not funny. I'm so glad he's OK - but I'm laughing because I can't believe how easily you got into the doctor's office! :) Kind-of a cool trick!

Sherri said...

Yeah it was a cool hurt though.