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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pears Anyone?

Last week my friend Aubrey called and told me that her neighbor some free pears outside of their house. I went over and got a bunch --- man I wish I would have taken more!!!

I didn't really know what to do with them.... I know eating them plain is good - but I had so many.

Yesterday I made this Fresh Pear Cobbler. It was SO good!!!

Today I sliced a bunch and put them in my crockpot with the juice from one lemon, a couple tablespoons of sugar, and a little cinnamon & cloves. I cooked them on high for about 2 hours. The smell was AMAZING when they were soft I put them in the food processor. I ended up with some YUMMY Pearsauce!!! I froze it for now but I plan on using this in my mother in laws yummy applesauce bar recipe, I'll share that later.

I have about 15 pears left so we will just have to see what I come up with next!!!


Jenny said...

I love pears! they are on sale at bowmans right now I buy them and dry them they are yummy that way they taste like candy. I like to cut them up and dip them in carmel too!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

We love pears too! Glad you have found yummy creative ways to eat them up :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Umm I love pears! Got my little guy hooked on them too.

Queen Karana said...

welcome back! :)

I wish we had pears.

desertdiva said...

If you can get more, they make the most fantastic fruit leather! You can mix in some Koolaid (strawberry or cherry is good) and a little sugar and then put them on a solid drying tray then dehydrate. Pears make the leather flexible and soft, not hard. I add pear puree to all of my fruit leather!

Sher said...

I saw your blog on the mom blogs site.
I was intrigued, because...
My name is Sherrie, and I live in Kaysville.