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Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Man's Bedroom

This morning instead of getting dressed or taking a shower I decided to try to finish decorating the kids new bedrooms. Mic's is still a work in progress hopefully I will be ready to post some photos next week. Caleb's turned out cute. He loves it!! Now we'll just have to see how long he leaves the Wallies on. He also really loves his new bed. The transition was so smooth, he still hasn't figured out that he could actually get out of the bed himself.... shhh don't tell him!!


Queen Karana said...

What a cute room! I love the fire truck(s).

My kids wouldn't climb out of their beds for quite a while on their own either. So funny!

Angela said...

Cute! The wallies just peel off? That is NOT good for a kid's room! :)

I have some ideas for you...thanks for asking! I always have stuff to say. :)

I'll let it cook in my brain the rest of the day and get back with you. Plus, the ragamuffins need some attention!

Until later!