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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Summer Plan.....

I need a plan!! I need an organizational plan to get things done this summer, to get my kids involved, and to teach Mic about lower case letters before she starts Kindergarten in August. Do any of you have suggestions for the lower case letter thing? She totally does not get it!!
I found a cute chore chart at Happy2B@Home that I plan to implement at a "Family Meeting" tonight.


Joy said...

Do you mean that she doesn't match lower-case letters up with the upper-case equivalents? Or she just isn't familiar with the lower-case versions yet?

What if you were to build letters together? You could use crayons or toothpicks and build lower and upper case versions of each letter together (using the crayons as building blocks). Play memory using upper and lower case letters written on cards. Or you could even have her practice drawing the letters in whipped cream or sand.

Happy to be at Home

Sherri said...

She doesn't recognize the lower case letters. Joy those are great ideas!!!

Nicole said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Mary didn't recognize any letters when she started kindergarten. I'm not proud of, she was just my first in school so I didn't know what they were supposed to know. Mary's kindergarted teacher borrowed us a great movie that helped her a lot by leap frog, I'm not sure if it focused on lower case though. I still have mary's little blue book that they use in Kindergarten to learn lower case if you'd like to borrow it.

Sherri said...
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Deb said...

Have you tried They have an alphabet section where each letter has a set of activities - the kids learn the letter name, sound, and pictures that go with the letter. There are tons of other things on there too. I teach first grade and this is a site that I encourage parents to let their children visit often. It's worked wonders for my 4 year old also. The bonus - it's fun! :O)

Queen Karana said...

26 letters make 905 sounds? Wow.
I had no idea.

I was going to suggest similar things to what Joy said. She has some great ideas!

One of the preschool books I have has the kids matching up upper case letters to lower case letters.

It only shows them maybe 4 or 5 sets of letters at a time.

I also like Dr. Seuss' ABC book, because it focuses on both letters:

Big A, little a, what begins with A? Aunt Annie's alligator, A, a, a!

Big B, little b, what begins with B? Bouncing babies, bubbles, and a bumble bee!

Sherri said...

Sorry Karen -- I don't know where the 905 came in I my have had a 2 year old helping me type that day. Thank you Deb for that Starfall link!!! It is great!!

Queen Karana said...

hey, no worries...
My brain was completely fired up when I wrote that anyway, because I was SERIOUSLY thinking something along the lines of "905? Wow. I wonder if I could come up with 100 of them..."

So you see, I obviously wasn't all there and didn't realize it was a typo. I wasn't trying to harass you about it -- I was just amazed that there were 905 of 'em. LOL!