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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What good is a blog if no one reads it?

I try my hardest to leave comments on other people's blogs and I love it when people leave comments on mine. I was surfing today and on one of my friends blogs Our Cozy Nest I found a link to a great site that can help support you in building your blog and getting more readers and comments --- How fun is that???


The SITS Girls said...

Thanks for posting about SITS! You now have 2 more contest entries... yeah! You have a beautiful family and an adorable blog!

Be sure to check our site everyday to support the featured blogger!

And, if you'd like to be featured, send us links to 3 of your best posts.. we will be featuring in the order received.

ShazBraz said...

Thanks for posting about this; I will definitely check it out tomorrow when I have more time. I love comments on my blog!