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Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal Tip Friday 7/25/08

OK -- a little business first..... For right now I am dropping the Mr. Linky feature from Frugal Tip Friday. Link your your own Frugal Tip Friday post back here and leave a comment here. I love reading all of the Frugal Tips that you all are posting!!
Have you heard this song from Barbara Streisand?

Father has a business strictly second hand
Everything from toothpicks to a baby-grand
Stuff in our apartment came from fathers store
Even things I'm wearing someone wore before
Its no wonder that I feel abused
I never get a thing that ain't been used

I'm wearing second hand hats
Second hand clothes
Thats why they call me
Second hand rose

Even our piano in the parlor
Father bought for ten cents on the dollar
Second hand pearls
I'm sick of second hand curls
I never get a single think thats new
Even jake, the plumber, he's a man I adore
Had the nerve to tell me hes been married before!

Everyone knows that I'm just
Second hand rose
From second avenue!
From second avenue! nu!

One more time!
Everyone knows that I'm just
Second hand rose
(from second avenue!)
From what?
Lets see if you know the fills!
Once while strooling
Through the ritz a girl got my goat...
(she nudged her friend
And said oh look there goes
My old fur coat)
You don't need me!

Everyone knows that I'm just
Second hand rose
From second avenue!
(ya cant beat the egg-creams!)
Good! second avenue!
(there is more between me
And fifth avenue, I tell ya)
Right! second avenue!

My Frugal Tip for Friday is buying things second hand. Whether it's a thrift store, yard-sale, or consignment sale there are great buys to be made. You can buy lots of gently used items for pennies on the dollar.

I have been shopping for my kids clothes for the past couple of years at the Just Between Friends consignment sale. This is a great way to buy and sell children's clothing, toys and other items. They also have maternity stuff. They are pretty picky about the things that are sold. I have purchased lots of name brand stuff that is almost new for just a few bucks. For those of you in the sales are being held in just the next couple of weeks.

Happy Shopping!!!


Nonna said...

I love going to thrift stores and yard sales! Let me know how you like the baked beans when you make them! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Aubrey said...

Here's a silly one--use less salad dressing. It's better for your body and then the dressing lasts longer, if you're not leaving half of what you poured out on the plate. Works for syrup, condiments, whatever. It's pinching pennies, but in the long run, they add up!
I don't mind shopping second-hand, I just wish there was a better selection in the big U-T.

Copeland Family said...

I just posted a message about cereal discounts that I found online. I wasn't even thinking about Frugal Friday; it just worked out that way!

Emily said...

Are you in Dallas too?? I swear I went to a "just between friends" sale once... Hmmmmmmm.

Deb said...

Just posted my Frugal Friday tip - a day late. Seems to be the story of my life lately. . .

At Home Redesigns said...

I completely agree...buying second-hand furniture is a great idea. Maybe not upholstered items, but other pieces are usually better quality and more interesting than what you get when you pay a lot more for new.

Copeland Family said...

There is a good article in this Sunday's Parade magazine about buying second hand. If you even get the Parade Magazine in Utah?! :)