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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you Z's Mom!!

Z's Mom gave me a little bloggy award!!! Thank you so much!!! She said some very nice things about me!!! I really appreciate all the great comments that I am getting and the support in my adoption stories.

I will now share the love:

Insane Momma --- Just look at what I have to look forward to with teenagers. I love reading her stories!!!! This girl tells it like it is!!!

Deb --- What a cute family and man can you believe the patience of this woman? She is a 1st grade teacher!!! Thank you for the Gateway Discovery Passes!!!

Janae --- As an aspiring photographer myself I am BLOWN AWAY by Janae's talent!! Janae I want to meet you somewhere so you can teach me to take urban photos!!! Janae is also a fellow penny pincher!!!


Deb said...

Ohhhh - thanks! That's so sweet! :O)

Insane Mama said...

Thanks, and congrats!I love reading your frugal fridays!!

Bobbi said...


Anonymous said...

Oh you are welcome, Sherri. You deserve it! :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on the award Sherri. You so deserve it, you are doing an incredible job..

Amy said...

You deserve it! Congrats... :)

Veggie Mom said...

Congrats on the award! I've been quite moved by your adoption stories.

The Steele family said...

Congrats on the award. That is great

Janae said...

You defientally deserve the award. I have LOVED reading your adoptions stories. I am waiting for some more! Thanks for the compliment. You are very nice. We can totally get together. I wouldn't mind teaching you a bit.