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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random thoughts for Saturday....

OK so I am a geek --- I forgot about Frugal Tip Friday!!! Forgive me!!!!

Don't you hate it when you can't find a sippy cup? Right now we have at least one missing. It is one of our favorite because it is bigger than the others. Caleb drinks milk all day long so the bigger cups work out great for us. The thought that somewhere in my house there is a cup, I don't know how full, of yucky sticky 3 day old milk. I know what you are messy is her house if she can't find a sippy cup.... it's not too messy! I promise! Those things just have a way of hiding!!!

What has happened to manners? Last night I went to the drive through of a favorite ice cream shop here in town. When the annoying teenage kid handed me out the ice cream I thanked him. I thanked him even though I had been sitting in the line for over 10 minutes..... His response, " U--huh" It's not just him ---- I am always IRRITATED when I thank someone and the response is less than appropriate ---- the response should be YOU'RE WELCOME!!!! Not U-Huh or yep......

Have you been waiting for the next part of the adoption story? I will get it posted soon..... I haven't forgotten it. I have been helping my sweetie build a new deck at our house... It will be nice!!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh don't you hate when you can't find the sippy cup! We eventually lost all our big ones and finally got to the point of not needing them anymore. I found one outside not too long ago lol.

TUTU Monkey said...

Those darm sippy cups....we always loose our FAVORITE ELMO cup!! Yikes!

I am with you on the "you are welcome" business!!

Have a good weekend!

Veggie Mom said...

Have you ever heard the song by Lone Star--I think it's called "From My Front Porch, Lookin' In"? My daughter used to call it the "Sippy Cup Song," for obvious reasons. Check out the lyrics--they're priceless!

Aubrey said...


Aubrey said...

Just kidding--I hate losing sippy cups and Lex thinks she can still leave a cup in the van (like during winter) and it will still be good. Ack.
For frugal tip friday do we just leave out tips in the comments? I didn't read the post about it very carefully.

Deb said...

Ohhh - the sippy cup saga! I think it's the test of every mother's sanity!!!

And the "you're welcome" comments cracked me up! We were at a family party and my SIL kept saying to her kids, "What do you say?!" after anyone gave them anything. Then she handed something to my little Miss M, who promptly said, "Thank you!" and the SIL didn't say anything. My one cousin looked right at her and said in that condescending tone she'd been using with her kids, "What do YOU say?!" It took her about 5 tries to figure it out!

I always encourage my school kids to say please, thank you, and you're welcome in the classroom, at lunch, and other places that we go. Some of them don't get much training at home. . .but after a year in the classroom, they're pretty good about their manner words!