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Monday, July 21, 2008

How do you cope?

How are you coping in these difficult times - war, rising fuel costs, rising cost of consumables and household goods, a what seems at time hopeless upcoming Presidental election, or just an ordinary bad day? How do you keep yourself from being bitter or pessimistic?

I am just wondering how other people are feeling and how you all cope.

I have a tendency to brush things under the carpet.... worry about them later. Drink a Diet Coke and bake cookies to make myself feel better. I also try to play more with my kids, be intimate with my honey and NOT clean up my house.....


Amy said...

For the most part, I ignore everything that I can (political stuff and such). As for the rising prices, I deal with that the best way I can and cut back where possible.

Susie said...

I go to one of my "zen places": gardening or baking. For immediate stress relief I meditate. I find that when things are really hectic and loud around me, it helps to get quiet.

Copeland Family said...

Cope? I'm just trying to get through each day being nice enough that my kids know I love them. The politics, prices, etc. I deal with by being informed as much as I can-the rest I just try to remind myself that Heavenly Father is watching over us.
I found your blog through Deb. What great info. you have on here. I love seeking out the deals too, Thanks!

Deb said...

Jenn's comment made me laugh - "be nice enough that my kids know I love them." Yeah - I'm so there!

I have been coping by cleaning. Weird for me. I do NOT love to clean. I am a clutter bug.

But lately it's really been bugging me. I usually "cope" by going shopping and bringing home more stuff that we don't need and don't have room for.

While I've been cleaning, I have gone through nearly 3 dozen large boxes of "stuff" that we've accumulated and removed from our house all except just a few.

So now, when I do go shopping (other than for craft stuff!), I don't feel the need to buy stuff.

I'm also trying to cook at home. And find things for our family to do around our house so we don't waste gas running around. (Although last Friday certainly was the exception!).

Deb said...

PS: I drink a LOT of Diet Coke too! (It's on sale this week at Albertson's. . .must go get some!).

Diet Coke is a great coping strategy! Especially paired with a super delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh. My bitterness turns into biting sarcasm, but I have to be really careful or I direct it at the people I love and hurt them with it. Blogging is helping. I can vent here, and get the worst of it out.

I also need to be around people, or I turn into one of those people who is afraid to leave the house. I get depressive and sit in the basement. So I force myself to go out and waste the gas--I need it for my mental health. SAHM jobs are very lonely and isoloated, and I don't deal well with 4 or 5 days alone in the house.