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Monday, July 21, 2008

Adoption Story --- Part 14

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Later that day we our caseworker called and she told us that Michelle wanted us to call her at the hospital. She gave us the direct line phone number. She assured us that everything was ok.

We called that evening. Matt on one phone and me on the other. Michelle just told us about Caleb and how she was feeling. She wanted to know how we were feeling? If we were excited? Who we had called? We talked to her a about 45 minutes. She asked us to call her again tomorrow. Which we did.

In a way these were difficult phone calls. We were so excited about the baby and we wanted her to know that – but at the same time we knew that this was a difficult process for her.

On Wednesday Michelle’s caseworker called me, this is unusual. Matt was at school. She told me that she had something she needed to tell me about Caleb. She asked if I was sitting down. A million thoughts were going through my mind…. Was he sick? Had Michelle changed her mind? What was wrong? She told me that Caleb was part Hispanic. I was waiting for the bad news. That was the news. That was not an issue at all for us. She told me that Michelle was worried that we were going to change our minds. The caseworker told me that our caseworker was outside of house with something for me. She told me to call Michelle as soon as I saw my gift.

I went outside and our caseworker was there. She gave me some photos of my little man.

I went inside and called Michelle I thanked her over and over for the photos. She asked if we still wanted him. I cried. I told her that of course that we still wanted him. She cried and asked that Matt call her later. Matt called her and reassured her that we were happy and that no matter what color his skin we wanted him and we loved him.

To be continued........


Mom Taxi Julie said...

aww he was so cute. I can't imagine the stress that both sides must go through during an adoption.

Janae said...

He is so cute. Every time I read your adoption stories I sit her and cry....thanks a lot!

Emily said...

Sheri- I am so excited for you. What an amazing time in your life. I'm sure you feel so blessed, as you should. It looks like an amazing experience to adopt.

Thanks for that sweet comment on my blog today. It made my day!

Nicole said...

Oh my heavens, he was a beautiful baby, and he's just as cute now. Ya know, your going to have to adopt another because I'm going to be sad when these adoption posts are over :)

Queen Karana said...

Love reading your adoption stories...

Guess I'll have to share my adoption story on my blog... since you say me and my brother look so much alike! LOL

Deb said...

Look at all that hair! I love your stories - and the love that you have for your kids is so evident!

~*Paty*~ said...

Hi Sherrie! Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your adoption stories. I e-mailed you instructions on how to put a print button on your recipes. Let me know if you got it and if it helps!

Z's Mom said...

Oh, I so love that you all didn't care what Caleb looked like. He is adorable!!!! I would have balled when I first saw his picture, as I'm sure you did.