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Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten and an update!!!

It's hard to imagine that my sweet baby girl is starting Kindergarten today!! Well if you can call it starting.... the first day in an orientation type day and then they go in another day this week for individual testing. The actual first day isn't until September 2nd.

Micayla is so excited!!! Doesn't she look cute in her new glasses? She just got them a couple of weeks ago.

So I took my shirt back to the stupid store, if you don't know what I am talking about click here. I asked the guy if I could talk to the manager and he went and got a girl - not sure if she was actually the manager.... anyway.... I told her what had happened and she told me that they don't have a public restroom and that if they let one person use the restroom then they would have to let everyone. ** Oh yeah the only people in the store on Friday night were my friends Nicole and Aubrey and our kids --- the press was not going to get wind of the fact that they actually allowed a cute little girl to use the restroom.

I told her that I understood but that they really need to have an exception for emergencies. I told her that they may not be so lucky with the next emergency and they might end up with a mess to clean up. They did take back my shirt but they don't give refunds - I ended up getting Micayla 6 shirts so that I used up all my credit and I won't have to go back.

Nicole called both stores on Saturday to complain. At the clothing store she asked to talk to the manager and it was a guy.... hmm... He told her that they are getting sued over someone using their restroom and that is why they wouldn't let Micayla use it. Mind you the guy working there on friday night didn't explain any of this to me.... he just said that they don't have a restroom.... When she called the dollar store they said that another store of their's had been robbed the night before and so they were all freaked out and not letting anyone use the restroom. You know because me and my 2 little kids are so dangerous --- we may have actually purchased something there.

Oh well ---- what do you do????


Amy said...

She looks precious with her little glasses :) Kindergarten is so exciting!

I think it should be mandatory that ALL stores have public restrooms or they should have a sign saying that they don't have one.

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute!

Can I share with you that when I worked at PayLess, a little girl did pee all over the carpet? She never asked to go to our employee only restroom or anything, she just let loose.

And I just set a pile of paper towels on it and told customers not to walk there, and left it for the manager to clean up in the morning. Because $6.50 an hour was not enough to scrub pee out of the carpet. :)

Susie said...

It's interesting that they all were able to come up with "plausible excuses". I say never, ever go back and spread the word that they are not customer friendly.

angie said...

I'm behind. I missed the post on Friday. Is Down East really in such a seedy neighborhood? I was going to go there in Sept. when I'm in town. I'll remember to pee first. What a great policy they have.....:) The GLASSES are ADORABLE. She looks great in them!

Queen Karana said...

Happy first day of kindergarten (sort-of)!

The Dragon doesn't start until the 3rd though.... but she will go in on Wednesday for "testing".

So much fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG...that picture of Micayla is absolutely precious! I don't think I've seen any recent one of thanks for sharing! How exciting for her to start school. I hope she likes it!

Yeah, I haven't had to deal with the stores and Z needing to potty yet since he's still in diapers. The only thing remotely close was when I was pregnant and needed to pee every 5 minutes. I scoped out the pottys everywhere I went first thing....if they didn't have one....I knew I couldn't dawdle in there long. And usually there was a store next door that did so I lucked out. But that is a good question.

Aubrey said...

We'll never shop at those third-rate dives again.

Erika said...

I really can't believe they wouldn't let her go to the bathroom, how awful! I love that store, but hate their return policy, I'm sorry. In answer to your question, it wasn't busy at all, which was nice. I was surprised since it was a Saturday night.

Nicole said...

Mikayla looks adorable. I wanted to call and see how her fist day went. I love her little glasses, she looks so sophisticated.

Nonna said...

your little girl looks so cute with her glasses! I still remember the first days of kindergarten for both my children.It doesnt seem that long ago.

Norah said...

Oh my Micayla is adorable in that picture. Can I sign her up for Nathan's future girlfriend?