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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Product Testers / Word of Mouth Advestising *ETA

I have been participating in Bzz Agent for over a year. This is a word of mouth advertising program. Typically they send you out something to try and then in return they expect that you will share the product or your opinion of the product with other people. Then you come back to the site and report your "Bzz" I highly recommend it! Over the past year I have received... Raid Yellow Jacket Traps, Back to Nature Nuts, Teddy Grahams Trail Mix, Ziplock Products, Glade flame less candles, a Sonic-Care Toothbrush ($199 value), Coupons for Free food at Chili's, and much much more!!! After you submit your reports you get MyPoints. I just cashed in some points for $50 in Target gift cards for school clothes.

There is a new website that is just getting started from General Mills ----I am hoping that it will be something similar!!

I love doing this stuff!! Who doesn't like FREE things?

What have you been able to get for free?



Nicole said...

How fun, I'd love to do something like this. umm, I've won a few blog contests, thats about it for the freebies.

Deb said...

Ohhh - good information! Thanks!

Therese said...

I love being a product tester! I have done yogurt, kitchen gadgets. My favorite one starts this week-we are doing pull-ups with my son! 3 weeks, no pull-ups to buyand $70 at the end!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wanna do this....sign me up!!!! :)

Maria Wilson said...

Love your blog, lots of fun info:)

Kori said...

I can't get the Bzz Agent to work for the link. But I am very interested. Sounds pretty cool.

angie said...

Wow. I'll have to look into this!