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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Back to School Gift!!!

The Popcorn Factory has a great deal on a back to school treat!!!

The Chalkboard Sampler: "In 5th grade, being called to the chalkboard often resulted in the sweaty palm and a dry mouth. Finally, being face to face with the �board is a happy place-this 8" Sampler is packed with Cheese and Caramel corn, alphabet pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, kiddy mix candies, gummy bears and mini gumballs. Whew!"

The sale price is 9.99 and there is a $5.00 off code.... 5JUAG shipping is $5.00 so your total is $9.99 - if you want to order more than one do it separate orders because you can use the code over and over!!!


Heather said...

This would make an adorable back to school gift!!

Jenny said...

Great! I went and got one. It looked so good.